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Quality Management Policy

SataraWebDesigners Quality Management Policy

Commitment to Quality

            We continuously maintain our Quality Management Policy to ensure growing customer satisfaction in each project, to retain existing customers & to maintain well defined standards, ethics & procedures to achieve efficiency. We try to identify & rectify issues as early as possible which results in saving time & associated costs. This statement reflects SataraWebDesigners stand on Quality Management procedures, issues & policies we apply in doing our business and as a framework to guide our all teams towards improved performance.

Quality Management Action Plan

           An overall approach to quality management is essential in developing and maintaining a consistently high quality in service. SataraWebDesigners implements quality management in following business areas:

1.    Strategic Management: Strategic management provides overall direction to the enterprise and involves specifying the organization’s objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans which will result in achieving our client’s goals.
2.    Industry Standards Management:

  • We take care that website design conversion & integration (into xHTML, CSS & image based assets) complies fully with The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) authoring standards. We use W3C valuators and guidelines to constantly ensure web projects are developed to the highest possible standards.
  •    We ensure that our websites and web applications (e.g. SataraWebDesigners CMS) are user friendly & easily accessible.

3.    Operational Management: This includes planning for continuous improvement and using manpower & their skills effectively to improve support strategies.


  • We continuously implement our Quality Management Policy across all the departments & levels of the operational management.
  •  We clearly mention both clients & SataraWebDesigners authorities & responsibilities right in the start in a document signed & approved by both for each project.
  • Our ‘Work Process’ clearly describes each stage of the project & related key elements required to take further actions which might include defining the people involved at each stage.
  • We always ensure that each stage of the project is being executed as per customer needs only.
  • We continuously train our manpower in their area of work to execute the project smoothly & efficiently by giving required authorities & responsibilities.
  • A good care is always taken while assigning entire manpower for particular project has extensive industry experience and follows quality assurance customized for web design projects as mentioned above.
  • We provide a good amount of quality resources for our manpower to promote creativity & idea generation. We conduct events, seminars & trainings to inspire our manpower.
  •  Contributions of all team members’ right from marketing to design are always appreciated & rewarded with incentives & increment in salaries every six months which results in our people working with greater interests in each new project for customer benefits.
  • Since its inception so far we have been successful in achieving great amont of customer satisfaction.

4.    Resource and Financial Management: Our resource management and financial management support improves and maintain high-quality services.

  • Effective customer support service ensures any services provided and the continuity of each project (whether website, print, design, SEO or other work) from the beginning to the end, in close communication with clients.
  • All appropriate documentation is maintained, controlled and archived. This includes business and employment contracts, insurance policies, our official Policies etc.
  • We always file annual IT returns strictly as per IT rules by the given deadlines.
  • We have always met the terms of our banking facilities and loan agreements.

5.    Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement: This includes the systems used to promote, support and maintain continuous improvement and to assess performance in services provided.

  • SataraWebDesigners has a dedicated member responsible for collecting performance data, including client testimonials and feedback.
  • We issue targets for each process improvement project;
  • The dedicated member of staff performs a regular review of performance while the improvements are being implemented.
  • We include a more detailed review of the performance when it stabilises.



Complaints under this policy should be raised with the Managing Director who may take advice and, if appropriate, implement change.
No person or supplier who raises a complaint is to suffer detriment as a result of raising the complaint.

Availability of the Policy

A paper copy of this Policy is kept at the SataraWebDesigners Offices.
This Policy can be made available upon request by customers, suppliers, the local community and other interested parties. It is displayed on our website.

Responsibilities for Implementation

It is the responsibility of senior management to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout the organization.
It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that this policy is properly maintained and up to date.

Policy Review

This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains current and reflects our business practices.


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